About Media Network Services

Media Network Services AS (MNS) was founded in 2007 and is a privately held company registered and headquarted in Oslo, Norway.

MNS provides global leading network and infrastructure services to Video Conferencing Services Providers and Internet Service Providers:

  • VideoRoaming (www.videoroaming.com) provides video conferencing users with the best quality and reach regardless of when and where they video call.

  • MCU1.com (www.mcu1.com) provides video conferencing users with easy-to-use Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR) on the next generation Multipoint Control Unit (MCU).

MNS also provides a wide range of services related to the ones mentioned above.

Meet the Management Team

Hans Fredrik Johansen Tarik Cicic Kjell Oksendal
Thor AndrĂ© Talhaug Haakon Bryhni  
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Meet with MNS at Enterprise Connect 2014: Give Users a Business Class TelePresence Experience with Internet VideoRoaming
VideoRoaming connected 10 countries and 5000+
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